For the more difficult applications and specialized applications, in the hands of trained individuals the R offers unparalleled flexibility.

Technical highlights of the equipment include:

  • CSA certified (Z259.2.3-99)
  • Ideal for horizontal rescue scenarios, and where redirection via pulley is required
  • Capable of 525 feet of rope (160 metres)
  • Can carry the weight of 2 individuals — with proper training, a rescuer can descend to retrieve a casualty
  • Direct drive for fast 1:1 ratio mechanical lifting advantage (single- and double-ratchet models)
  • One person can operate it effectively, including a full rescue — does not require belaying/other individuals holding back the load
  • Built-in brake, no danger of “free-fall” — maximum descent rate is 0.8 meters per second under all load conditions
  • Easy to control — stop with forefinger and thumb
  • With a backup lifeline, it is also perfect for work positioning
  • Horizontal rescues are possible & easy
  • Does not have to be set up directly overhead of casualty; any angle is fine providing an edge protector is available
  • The ratchets do not require complete rotation for lifting action; even the smallest increments of ratcheting, in the tightest of places will still lift effectively — ideal for confined spaces