This equipment is intended for quick evacuation scenarios. Portable and extremely lightweight, it is the perfect device for when workers must evacuate an area at height quickly. This particular device is very suitable for quick evacuation, or any other high-angle application that requires a speedy rescue and recovery.

Technical highlights of the equipment include:

  • CSA certified (Z259.2.3-99)
  • capable of 525 feet of rope (160 metres)
  • can carry the weight of 2 individuals — with proper training, two workers may quickly evacuate
  • one person can operate it effectively — does not require belaying/other individuals holding back the load
  • does not require knots, pulleys, z-rigs or weight conversions
  • built-in brake, no danger of “free-fall” — maximum descent rate is 0.8 metres per second under all load conditions
  • easy to control — stop with forefinger and thumb
  • does not have to be set up directly overhead; any angle is fine providing a suitable edge protector is available