Fall Protection Systems

Fall protection is serious business. Fall protection systems are a responsibility we do not take lightly ― neither should anyone else. Design experience is paramount. The Highwork Team is very experienced and has a thorough understanding of fall protection engineering principles.

Structural engineering is integral to each project. A system is not complete and cannot be considered usable until the receiving structure has been inspected, analyzed and certified as suitable to withstand fall arrest loads. These critical steps cannot be bypassed. Highwork Limited offers the assurance that these steps will be taken and not left to chance.

The system design will include every detail for each component of the assembly, as well as any equipment used in conjunction with the system.

The pre-design incorporates the analysis of the worker’s tasks and how the system will allow them to continue to perform the work safely and efficiently. The system will not dictate to the worker. It is the worker’s task that drive system selection and design.